Not long ago, we heard the surprising news that Disney was moving forward with Tron 3 despite Tron Legacy not exactly lighting the world on fire. So, honestly, it shouldn’t be that surprising that Disney has officially pulled the plug on the second sequel to the 1982 semi-classic. Surely the folks who sign the checks looked around, saw all of the Marvel and Star Wars and Pixar movies waiting in the wings, and thought “Why are we spending our money on another Tron movie?”

The news comes to us via Variety, who report that Disney cancelled the film simply because they couldn’t find room for it in their schedule. That certainly sounds plausible because the studio has a lot of movies scheduled for the next five years or so. However, this could easily be the studio’s more polite way of realizing that most people who can afford movie tickets don’t care to revisit the video game world of the Grid and they especially don’t care if it means the return of star Garrett Hedlund and director Joseph Kosinski, who made the previous film such a dull, sterile affair. Not even the return of the delightful Olivia Wilde could get our butts back into theaters for another one of these things.

Disney says that the film never emerged from development, but as of a few weeks ago, everything seemed full steam ahead. While we can’t say we’re too bummed about Tron 3 never getting off the ground, it is unusual for a high profile sequel like this to get announced and die a quick, brutal death with such speed and efficiency. Honestly, this is better for everyone. Kosinski can direct his efforts elsewhere (Oblivion is surprisingly solid), Hedlund can keep on being super weird in unexpected places (he’s so good in Inside Llewyn Davis!), and Wilde can find a franchise that deserves her talents. Most importantly, no innocent moviegoers will have to endure Tron 3. Let’s just let this one bow out gracefully. We’ll keep our sighs of relief to an absolute minimum.