After a series of delays and false starts (or near-misses, however you want to define it), Disney officially nixed Tron 3…but they didn’t take the Tron franchise off the table entirely. Just this week, Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski divulged some details from the third Tron film (titled Ascension) and revealed that the sequel wasn’t totally dead, but in “cryogenic freeze.” According to a new report, Disney is gearing up to return to the world of Tron, with Jared Leto eyeing a lead role in the new project — but it’s not exactly a sequel.

THR reports that a new Tron movie is “in the very early stages of development” with Leto in talks to star and produce, should the film receive a greenlight (and a screenwriter, which it does not yet have). The project wouldn’t be a “direct sequel” to Kosinski’s Tron: Legacy, though it would use elements from the screenplay for the now-abandoned Tron: Ascension, including a new character named Ares — that’s the role Leto is circling.

Earlier this week, following a screening of Tron: Legacy, Kosinski opened up about the plot of Tron: Ascension. Speaking with Collider, he described it as a sort of reverse “invasion” movie that would invert the formula of the previous films, taking Quorra (Olivia Wilde) into the real world. Kosinski maintained that his sequel isn’t completely dead, yet it’s not immediately clear if or how he would be involved with this new Tron movie — especially if it really is borrowing from his Ascension story.

Then again, there’s still a chance that this new Tron project might not happen at all, either.

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