Any Arrested Development fan has likely noted some eerie parallel between the Bluth family and the perpetually-chaotic Trump administration. Season 4 even joked about a U.S.-Mexico border wall, though star Jessica Walter would now like to correct that the Bluths have more business sense than the First Family. Well, maybe not Gob.

If you hadn’t yet pondered the similarity between Trump’s family and the Arrested Development clan, a recent Twitter thread from Politico writer Dan Diamond documented the fail of Trumpcare with astonishing parallel to Gob and Michael Bluth building houses in Season 2. It wasn’t the first time Trump drew comparison to the famously-inept Bluths, and as Walter tells IndieWire, it likely won’t be the last:

They’re both real estate moguls, tycoons, and businesspeople. But the Bluths were really smart—well, smarter than the Trumps. Although that’s just my opinion… except for poor Gob!

Assuming Arrested Development Season 5 ever gets off the ground, they’ll likely even return to the Season 4 plot that saw Lindsey Bluth (Portia de Rossi) running for office on the platform of building that wall. Walter offered a small update in that regard, saying:

Every year for the last few years, we negotiate and then we never hear back! So I don’t know. We just negotiated about a month ago, but we haven’t heard back from [Netflix]. We hear from them, everybody seems to want to do it, and then silence … I hope it will come back. I would love for it to come back. We have to find out who murdered Lucille II!

Creator Mitch Hurwitz had previously projected an early 2017 start to production, though recent reports of a prequel approach placed June as a distinct possibility. Elsewhere, Will Arnett previously claimed that Netflix bosses “need to get their s— together,” while Hurwitz has also mapped out a large portion of Season 5, hoping to capitalize on eerie similarities to the 2016 elections.

No doubt we’re in for plenty more Trump-Bluth comparisons, as hilarious as they are sobering, so stay tuned for more on Arrested Development in the meantime.

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