About the only pop culture gag repeated as often as Trump’s Zapp Brannigan quotes would be Arrested Development narrator Ron Howard fact-checking the candidate. Now, we’ve finally gotten our wish, as the world’s worst election finally gets the Trump-rested Development it deserves.

It doesn’t appear as if Ron Howard himself created the video (rather YouTube used NeverCaesar), though the Arrested Development creator and narrator nonetheless shared it. The parody sees the Bluth family narrator utilizing some of his trademark interjections on the Republican candidate, albeit with clips already assembled from the show.

The idea more or less came about when networks like CNN found themselves immediately having to fact-check Trump’s claims, often using a lower-third chyron to place a blunt “(He Did)” wherever Trump might contradict himself. Strangely enough, a great deal of Trump’s campaign, including the border wall, falls eerily in line with Arrested Development Season 4, as would Season 5.

Just a few more weeks until we can place this election behind us, and a bit longer still for whatever’s happening with Arrested Development Season 5. Save our Bluths, and us, Ron Howard!

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