This very week will see Will Arnett returning to Netflix for BoJack Horseman Season 3 in a year that’s already seen the Arrested Development star headlining his own live-action series, but questions inevitably return to the Bluths. A fifth Arrested season is still in the works, but according to Arnett, the producers “need to get their s— together.”

Speaking with The Wrap, Arnett acknowledged how often questions of a fifth season inevitably fall to him (by our count, he’d “confirmed” it two years ago), when the most he can reiterate is that cast and crew remain open to the idea. At the very least, the actor needled that his patience was wearing thin:

I’ll just say this: It’s something that’s always out there and it’s something that we’re always constantly kinda talking about, and how can we do it and when can we do it. We go so far as to start to discuss the scheduling of it and when that would be, and for whatever reason it kind of gets slowed down.

So, at this point, my answer is: ‘I don’t f—ing know.’ I know that everybody is game to do it. We all love doing it. The people responsible for actually putting it together just need to get their s— together.

Last we heard, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz has mapped out a large portion of Season 5, even if nothing was likely to get off the ground until after the November elections. Does Arnett have a point though, that Season 5 needs to come together soon?

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