Too often in TV, long-gestating revivals are punchlines until they’re not, the same way Arrested Development has warmed leftover Season 5 updates since 2013. Now, we may actually have details on the proposed story, including some surprisingly topical turns for Making a Murderer, Donald Trump, and a potentially familiar role for Jeffrey Tambor!

Take these with a grain of salt for the moment, as series creator Mitch Hurwitz noted to Deadline that topical events might reshape (or feed into) existing ideas for Season 5, which itself remains dependent on cast availability. That said, Hurwitz acknowledged that Season 5 would take a murder-mystery format after the apparent death of Lucille Austero at Buster’s hook hand in Season 4, an idea mapped out before the true crime genre took off with Serial, The Jinx and more.

Not only that, but the idea of Lindsay Bluth running for office with a platform of building a wall along the Mexican border already proved an eerie premonition of Donald Trump’s actual campaign, leading Hurwitz to hope work begins before the November 2016 elections. Deadline notes that Hurwitz and his team have mapped out the major beats for Season 5, though uncertainty of scheduling still leaves open who from the cast can return, and when.

In addition to cast negotiations preventing Hurwitz from actually writing out said scripts, the showrunner also pointed out continually unexpected parallels with real-world events that necessitate rewrites. For instance, Hurwitz concocted an idea for George Sr. to transition into a woman, all before Jeffrey Tambor cemented new acclaim with his transgender role as Maura in Amazon’s Transparent.

It isn’t entirely clear how quickly cast negotiations might iron out, thereby allowing Hurwitz to keep Arrested Development Season 5 so eerily topical, but might Netflix’s upcoming TCA presentation bring additional word? Could a Trump-ified murder-mystery be exactly what the series needs, after Season 4?

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