Just a scant four years after Arrested Development reunited (after a less scant seven), the Bluths may finally be getting back together for real. Hearsay be gone, as Jeffrey Tambor seems to think he’ll be going back to work as the Arrested Development family patriarch as early as January.

Tambor dropped the surprisingly specific quote in an interview with Today (via UPROXX), answering inevitable questions of the revered comedy’s return with “There’s always chatter. My marching orders are to go to work [in] January.” That’s a bit out of sync with Tambor’s onscreen wife Jessica Walter, who recently claimed not to know any dates, though creator Mitch Hurwitz had also previously projected an early 2017 start:

We’re very close. It’s a thing I really am desperate to do. We’ve got a lot of the stories broken. We’re kinda ready to go. I’m so appreciative of the fans wanting more, I hate to tease them with information that there is going to be more until we know for sure, but it’s what we’re trying to accomplish and if does happen it looks like shooting would be at the start of 2017. That’s what I’m hoping.

Elsewhere, Will Arnett previously claimed that Netflix bosses “need to get their s— together,” while Hurwitz has also mapped out a large portion of Season 5, hoping to capitalize on eerie similarities to the November elections. Is January 2017 finally going to save our Bluths?

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