You know those Uglydoll plush toys you see at the mall? Well, Universal and Illumination Entertainment (the team behind 'Despicable Me' and 'The Lorax') have set their sights on the Uglydoll line of toys as the next inanimate object they hope to turn into a film... Because there is nothing else?

Universal is becoming like the couple on 'Portlandia' who put birds on everything and pickle anything they can get their hands on. Board game? We can make a movie out of that! Goofy line of children's toys and books about adorably ugly little monsters? We can make a movie out of that! A toothbrush? We can make a movie of that! You get where this is going...

ComingSoon reports that Universal has signed a deal with Pretty Ugly, LLC and the creators of the Uglydoll franchise, husband and wife team David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, to expand the franchise to interactive content including apps, games, other... virtual... stuff, and a movie, of course.

The film will be produced by Illumination Entertainment and its founder, Chris Meledandri, who oversaw 'Despicable Me' and 'Dr. Seuss' The Lorax,' and Universal will distribute the animated feature worldwide.

If you aren't familiar with Uglydolls, they're just cute little blobby monster creatures with dental problems. Universal's plans seem vague, but fiscally-focused, obviously, in this PR blast filled with hype-terms like "fresh" and "exciting." First up is Universal Partnerships & Licensing President Stephanie Sperber:

The unique world in which these distinctive characters exist will translate perfectly across digital platforms and our goal will be to find digital creative partners committed to maintaining the Uglydoll voice and staying true to the Uglydoll’s core independent spirit.

Alita Friedman, Chief Brand Officer of Pretty Ugly, LLC adds:

We are exhilarated to work with Universal on this partnership and amuse our fans with exciting, fresh and hilarious content. Uglydoll is sure to captivate a wide audience and bring new life to our jovial characters through groundbreaking new ways to play in the dynamic digital environment.

But more than anything they like making money.