The following post contains unanswered questions we had about Us and also some SPOILERS for the film, because otherwise we couldn’t really talk about them.

Us is about how people are incapable of escaping their pasts. Appropriately, then, I’ve been thinking about the movie a lot since I saw it last week. It’s stuck in my brain — tethered to it, you might even say.

A lot of what’s on my mind are the film’s larger meanings, and there are a lot of them. Writer/director Jordan Peele clearly had a lot on his mind when he designed the film’s supernatural mythology, and all of it is really interesting on a metaphorical level. I am not entirely sure, though, that it all works on a plot logic level, and those are the other things that have been on my mind. How do the Tethered live? How do they function? How do they pull off a full-scale invasion of the surface world when they can’t speak, or even control their body’s movements a lot of the time?

Along those lines, here are five of the biggest questions left unanswered by Us — along with a couple personal theories that might explain them.

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