If you’ve already binged your way through Mosaic and you’re craving another cool thriller from Steven Soderbergh, the first trailer for Unsane has the cure for what ails you. The new film, shot entirely on an iPhone (similar to Tangerine), stars The Crown’s Claire Foy as a woman who thinks she has been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital — or has she?

Foy headlines Unsane, which also stars Juno Temple, Joshua Leonard and Jay Pharoah, and was shot in just two weeks last year. You may be wondering how Soderbergh’s new movie could look this great since he used an iPhone instead of a conventional camera setup — I mean, none of the videos I take of my cat look anywhere near this good. Speaking with Empire, the filmmaker explained that newer phone camera tech allowed him to shoot Unsane in 4K, adding, “If I’d have had this technology when I was 15, I’d have a very different career.”

The first trailer for Unsane gives off some intriguing vibes that harken back to psychological thrillers of the ’70s and even the early-to-mid ’90s. Soderbergh says the film was “designed to be a very visceral, in-your-grill experience,” and it certainly seems like using an iPhone helped him achieve that goal.

Little is known about Unsane — the official synopsis only reads, “Is she… or isn’t she?” But if you subscribe to Soderbergh’s website, then you’re familiar with the director’s annual list of everything he watched (and read) the previous year. He recently sent out his diary for 2017, which includes classic thrillers like Repulsion and Brian De Palma’s Sisters, which may offer some indication about the plot and tone of Unsane.

Soderbergh’s latest hits theaters on March 23.

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