Bless Vin Diesel and his commitment to the Vin Diesel brand. While the Riddick franchise isn’t nearly as successful as Fast and Furious, it certainly has its fans — enough to warrant another installment in the franchise, as Diesel first promised last year. The actor has announced that not only are we getting another Riddick movie, but there will be a spinoff TV series, too.

Diesel made the announcement in his typical fashion, using social media to spread the good news:

I particularly enjoy how Diesel capitalizes “Our,” as if he’s referring to a religious figure. The “DT” in that last sentence refers to David Twohy, the writer and director of the Riddick franchise, which began in 2000 with Pitch Black, followed by 2004's The Chronicles of Riddick and the simply-titled Riddick in 2013.

As Diesel says, the title of the next sequel is Furia, which might be a misspelling as it seems to refer to Riddick’s home planet of Furya, a “dead world” that was formerly inhabited by spiritual warriors known as Furyans before the Necromonger Empire wiped them out — though I’m not sure why they don’t just call this thing The Chronicles of Riddick: Fury Road and get it over with.

In addition, Diesel is developing a TV series titled Merc City, which will focus on the various mercenaries and bounty hunters in the Riddick franchise — could Katee Sackhoff be heading back to TV, then?

With Twohy currently writing the project and Diesel soon heading into production on Furious 8, it may still be a couple of years before Riddick heads back to the big screen.

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