'Riddick' TV Series Confirmed With Vin Diesel Universal Deal
Back in November, Vin Diesel announced both a new Riddick movie and potential Merc City tie-in TV series in the most Vin Diesel way possible: saying literally anything over social media, and having it so. Welp, consider a small-screen Riddick a reality, as Diesel’s new development deal with Universal TV confirms a series going to market.
Vin Diesel Announces ‘Riddick’ Sequel, TV Spinoff
Bless Vin Diesel and his commitment to being Vin Diesel. While the Riddick franchise isn’t nearly as successful as Fast and Furious, it definitely has a sizable fan base — enough to warrant another installment in the franchise, as Diesel promised last year. The actor has announced that not only are we getting another Riddick movie, but there will be a spinoff TV series, too.
Vin Diesel Announces 'Riddick' Sequel By Dancing to Beyonce
// Post by Vin Diesel. 'Riddick' was a low-budget production made entirely from passion and duct tape, but it ended up being one the more pleasant surprises of 2013, performing well at the box office and satisfying all the fans who were let down by 'The Chronicles of Riddick.' Now that the 'Riddick' DVD is selling well, Universal is looking to develop a fourth entry in the series. That's the basi
Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Riddick’ Wins an Unimpressive Weekend
One of the things 'Riddick' has going for it is that it didn't cost too much. So while its opening weekend may be a little less than impressive, it doesn't have that far to go to make a profit. It's little victories like this that make this, one of the slowest most stagnant movie weekends of the year, more palatable.
Riddick vs. Dom Toretto: Which Vin Diesel Role Is More Badass?
With the impending release of 'Riddick,' we're once again introduced to the character who truly put Vin Diesel on the map. You might even say he's the quintessential Diesel role, except you'd then have to be reminded of how perfect the actor is in the 'Fast & Furious' movies as Dom Toretto. So who is more badass, Toretto or Richard B. Riddick?
New Harley Quinn?
As you can see above, we caught up with the beautiful star of 'Riddick,' Katee Sackhoff recently to talk about her role in the Vin Diesel film. But, we had so much fun talking with Ms. Sackhoff, we sat back down with her once our time on video was over for an extended chat. Below, you can read even more with Katee including why she would have played a naked hooker in 'Riddick' if Vin asked, her lo
'Riddick' Review
It should have been called ‘No Homo: The Movie.’ Vin Diesel, whose entire career feels like homage to the musclebound machismo of the 1980s, has possibly reached the peak – by which I mean, nadir – of his search for the meaning of virility. ‘Riddick,’ the overdue, and largely unwanted, third installment in Diesel’s first big film series, is so full of tough-guy overcompensation that it makes the ‘
Exclusive Interview: Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel always imagined a Riddick trilogy - a franchise based off the cult success of 2000's 'Pitch Black.' The success of 'The Fast and the Furious' one year later would allow Diesel the chance to make that happen. In 2004, Universal released 'The Chronicles of Riddick,' an ambitious sci-fi project meant to create a massive new mythology and turn Riddick into the next great Hollywood hero... R
First ‘Riddick’ Clip: Vin Diesel Survives an Alien Ambush
After the overblown and overlong 'The Chronicles of Riddick,' it's something of a relief to see Vin Diesel's tough, sci-fi antihero return to his roots with 'Riddick.' The trailers have already sold a smaller, bloodier, more 'Pitch Black'-esque story and the newly released first clip from the film emphasize the most important part of the whole film: Diesel going mano-a-mano with a bunch of snarlin

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