We live in an admittedly silly time to interview actors on top-secret plot points, even those the audience knows the answer to months in advance. Such is also the case of The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan, who acknowledges sightings of co-star Steven Yeun on set, despite his character’s mysterious fate, but has no choice but to deliver some impressive non-answers.

We’ll chart this paragraph as a port of harbor for spoiler-phobes, but last night’s The Walking Dead installment “Now” didn’t offer any conclusive evidence of Glenn’s fate, even as Cohan’s character Maggie learned the grim news. As expected, Maggie attempted to venture outside of Alexandria and confirm Glenn’s death for herself, but wound up blocked by the herd of walkers encircling the compound.

Now, most Walking Dead fans following news of Glenn’s fate likely know that Yeun has been spotted on set multiple times since since filming the character’s purported end, including as recently as last week, something not lost on Cohan in a post-mortem “Now” interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

People have seen Steven on set filming the second half, too, which is part of what’s making people think that Glenn is still alive …

Well, you know we have flashbacks …

That’s all very well and good, even if a major character not-yet introduced was also spotted on-set with Yeun, casting doubt on flashback theories. Still, whatever your take on the Glenn debacle, it’s especially hilarious how little Cohan could address any of the speculation. Observe:

In Maggie’s mind, she refuses to believe that Glenn is gone. Lauren doesn’t have anything to say! (Laughs.) […]

There are three more episodes to come. What can you say about what’s ahead?

From the vault of The Walking Dead, see you next week! Or something equally elusive! (Laughs.) […]

I can’t even go on social media right now. […]

You’re shooting the season finale. How would you describe it? There have been rumblings that Negan may make his debut in the episode.

You can put “something elusive from Lauren” in quotes again here! This comes with a gag order, there are people standing outside my door! (Laughing and kidding.)

Oddity of having to conduct such an awkward interview aside, what did The Walking Dead really hope to gain with such a bizarre, easily contested move like killing Glenn off? Why even place actors in the situation of having to fumble around with non-answers?

Showrunner Scott Gimple told us outright we’d learn more of Glenn’s fate before the mid-season finale, but how much more assurance do we need that the character will resurface alive and well?

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