While the battle still rages over whether or not 'The Walking Dead' is a good or bad television show, most zombie fans are in agreement that Telltale's video game series of the same name is nothing short of phenomenal. Structured like old school adventure games but fueled by a morally complex narrative, the first "season" of the game was a huge critical and financial hit a few years back. Now, the latest trailer for "Season Two" has arrived online and it promises more grisly, uncomfortable adventures in the zombie apocalypse.

Like the first season, The Walking Dead: Season Two is divided into five chapters that are released individually for download, with your decisions from early episodes shaping the nature of your experience in later ones. Like with Season One, Season Two's first chapter was very much a prologue, introducing new characters and starting the narrative threads that will carry on throughout the rest of the game. If the new trailer is any indication, the second chapter looks like it'll ratchet up the intensity, introducing a new human villain and pushing the story in a direction that couldn't be more different than Season One.

So if you're looking for a powerful and unsettling series about people trying to live in a world filled with living corpses, you can certainly do a lot better than 'The Walking Dead.' Do yourself a favor and download The Walking Dead: Season Two and see what everyone is talking about.