Well, now that AMC's 'The Walking Dead' is on hiatus until season 3, and there are only so many casting announcements to come out within a day or so of season finale "Beside the Dying Fire,' we've got to get our zombie fix somehow!  And we can all thank Telltale games for delivering us their delicious brains new look at the upcoming 'Walking Dead' video game!

As we've mentioned before, the game follows escaped convict Lee Everett, an original character created specifically for the game's story, weaving a parallel tale to the Robert Kirkman comic series, and utilizing designs based on Charlie Adlard’s art.  The game draws its inspiration more from of the Image Comics ‘Walking Dead’ than the AMC incarnation, but includes several familiar characters to fans of either medium, such as Glenn, Hershel, and eventually Rick Grimes himself.  Also along for the ride is young Clementine, an orphaned girl Lee encounters along the way and who behaves differently based on the actions taken by the player.

Game developer Telltale CEO Dan Connors previously  that the developer will submit the episodic game for approval through Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, likely for sale in late April or early May.  Telltale games were also the minds behind the recent successful 'Back to the Future' games, which told an original story set after the famous Robert Zemeckis trilogy.

As if the first teaser for 'The Walking Dead' weren't unsettling enough, take a look below for the full-length trailer!.  In it you'll see some new and familiar faces, as well as actual in-game footage of certain recognizable locations!  Check it out, and tell us what you think in the comments below!