'The Last Exorcism Part 2' is in theaters today, but if you need any extra convincing to go see it, the film's opening scene has made its way online for your viewing pleasure. Out of context, the scene doesn't make too much sense and functions as more of a mood piece than anything else, but it's a pretty spooky and intriguing mood piece! Check it out below.

In addition to being a sizable hit a few years ago, 'The Last Exorcism' is a genuinely terrific horror movie that uses the found footage format to create fascinating character study amidst all of the demonic chills. Considering the diminishing returns that usually come with horror sequels, we're hesitant about 'Part 2,' especially since it's seemingly done away with the found footage format of the first film and most of the cast. However, if it can provide 90 minutes of solid scares and freaky contortionist gags, 'The Last Exorcism Part 2' may be worth seeings. Here's the official synopsis:

In the continuing story, Nell Sweetzer is found terrified and alone in rural Louisiana. When she returns to the relative safety of New Orleans, Nell finds that she can't remember large portions of the previous months, but she does know that she is the last surviving member of her family. As Nell begins the difficult process of starting a new life, the evil force that once possessed her comes back with terrible new plans for her, meaning that her last exorcism was just the beginning.

'The Last Exorcism Part 2' is in theaters now. If you haven't seen it already, does the opening scene embedded below make you want to see the movie?