Since most horror movies either spawn or prepare for a sequel, the makers of 'The Last Exorcism' have likely been kicking themselves since the first film's release. The 2010 film made over $40 Million at the box office, so now there's a sequel called 'The Last Exorcism Part 2,' and here's the first trailer for the film and a new still.

Here's the full image:

Ashley Bell in The Last Exorcism Part 2

Surely they must have struggled over the film's title, so suggesting this is the second part of that film at least gives some credence to the first one not being entirely the end of the story. Ultimately it makes the first film an example of false advertising, but horror fans have never been sticklers for continuity.

Ashley Bell returns as Nell Sweetzer, the survivor of the last (film's) exorcism, only to find that not all of the demon who possessed her (named Abalam) has been exorcized, and it looks like there's a cult who wants Nell to get possessed and have evil take over the world. There's also a lot of CGI shadows that show up on walls and windows, and a creepy shot of Nell floating and contorted.

This looks like another low budget horror film with a lot of cheap "boo!" scares, but that may be a breath of fresh air when the film opens on March 1. Here's that trailer.