Have you watched the trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' about 4,000 times now and are looking for something new to whet your appetite? It's a long time until July, so you might as well watch it again...but this time in LEGO!

A company called ParanickFilmz has used a skillful blend of real LEGO pieces and CG animation to recreate the trailer for Christopher Nolan's third Batman film shot for shot, using the actual audio from the real trailer -- which means that Bane's filtered voice remains intact.

It's actually a pretty amazing little piece of craftsmanship, and as Slashfilm points out, shows how a full-length film done with LEGO might actually work (and yes, there is one in development).

Meanwhile, enjoy this video while we wait for the next real 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer -- which we're hoping shows up sometime before the movie opens on July 20th.