Amy Adams first caught our eye with her small roles in 'Catch Me If You Can' and 'The Office,' before moving on to make it big as Giselle in 'Enchanted' and more recently getting a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nom for 'The Master.' In today's Way Back When, we take a look at Amy Adams before she became the famously adorable actress we all know and love.

'Drop Dead Gorgeous'

If you haven't seen 'Drop Dead Gorgeous,' the 1999 mock-doc about a Minnesota beauty pageant, you should rectify that immediately. Amy Adams had a small, but memorable role as Leslie Miller in this underrated comedy, alongside Kirsten Dunst, Brittany Murphy, Denise Richards, and Kirstie Alley. You can watch a super cut of all of her scenes (less than three minutes!) below, featuring Adams as an oversexed and perky high school cheerleader with some questionable talents.

'Psycho Beach Party'

Another underrated and quirky little comedy! 'Psycho Beach Party' is a campy beach blanket throwback about a group of friends who hit the shore and have a good time until a murderer sets loose, offing them one by one. Adams stars as Marvel Ann in this film based on the play by the same name by Charles Busch, who reprises his role as police captain Monica Stark. The film also stars Lauren Ambrose and Nicholas Brendon of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' fame. Check out Adams in this cute dance-off scene:


Amy Adams' role in the WB witchcraft series 'Charmed' was a bit of a downer, but man, she can totally give Claire Danes a run for her money in the cry-face department. Adams plays Maggie Murphy in the episode "Murphy's Luck," about a woman cursed with horrible luck who is driven to commit suicide by a dark force until one of the witchy sisters saves her cute little behind.

'Cruel Intentions 2'

Yes, there was a direct-to-DVD prequel to 'Cruel Intentions,' with Amy Adams in the Sarah Michelle Gellar role as Kathryn, a manipulative teen who loves to ruin the lives of her classmates for sport. The film also tells the story of how Sebastian (look at this bargain store knock-off of Ryan Phillippe -- egregious) became Kathryn's stepbrother, back before she got all gross and incest-y with him. This trailer may be one of the worst you've ever seen, with the voiceover and music coming together as if this is a wacky family comedy, complete with some girl falling face down in the mud. And we're supposed to take this seriously? It's a good thing Amy Adams turned out so well.

'Serving Sara'

A long time ago, when 'Friends' ended, some people decided it would be a good idea to let Matthew Perry act in other things, like this horrible comedy with Elizabeth Hurley called 'Serving Sara,' which is about a process server who gets mixed up with the woman he's serving divorce papers to and it's all wacky and people unexpectedly fall for each other and blah blah blah -- basically, it's like they reheated some leftover plot from the '90s. Amy Adams plays a woman who is about to marry a really rich man (the same guy Perry is serving the papers for), and she has a scam of her own that involves making her cleavage dance. Yes, Amy Adams can make her boobs dance. The more you know!

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