We first learned of Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion animated project last fall (a little over a year ago, actually), and it was subsequently revealed that the director is re-teaming with Bill Murray, Edward Norton and Jeff Goldblum for a film about the lives of dogs. It’s been several months since we last heard anything about the untitled project, but as Anderson casually confirms in a new interview, production is currently underway — and now we wait.

While speaking with GQ about the opening of the Metrograph theater in New York (via The Playlist), Anderson sort of off-handedly mentions that he’s currently working on an animated movie:

I’ve got an animated movie I’m doing that’s happening across the room from me right now. So I can see a long list of e-mails from people on the set whom I now need to address

If it’s anything like his previous stop-motion effort, we’re going to be waiting a long time for Anderson’s new animated film. The director began production on Fantastic Mr. Fox in 2007 (after three years of development), and the film hit theaters in November 2009 — which means his new untitled project might not arrive until 2018. He could direct and release a live-action film in the meantime (probably not), and there is a possibility that, now that he’s more comfortable with the medium, the animated project could hit theaters late next year.

Either way, it’s going to be at least three years between the release of his previous film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and the next one. In addition to re-teaming with Murray, Goldblum and Norton, Anderson’s new project reunites him with Bob Balaban, and features Anderson-newcomer Bryan Cranston.

In the meantime, Anderson lent his own voice to another animated film about talking animals: Sing, which hits theaters on December 21.