'The Walking Dead' Season 3 premiered last night with the episode "Seed" (you can read our review of that episode here) and the conversation afterward often turned to a question: what was that song playing during the montage at the prison?

Aside from all the 'Walking Dead' style zombie gore, there was a brief respite in an emotional montage at the prison that featured a slow, moody indie rock song. And that song is "Noisy Sunday" by Canadian artist Patrick Watson.

Watson may not be known much in the United States but he's a cult hit in Canada with his eponymous band. Watson's style blends pop, cabaret, classical and indie rock and he's been compared to Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. Earlier this year the Montreal-based Watson released his fourth album, 'Adventures in Your Own Backyard' which features "Noisy Sunday" the track heard in the 'Walking Dead' Season 3 premiere.

Also, remember that song Maggie and Beth sang together while sitting around the camp fire? (Check out the 'Walking Dead' season 3 trailer if you can't remember.) Well, that little number, "The Parting Glass," has now been released (with more in tune performances by Lauren Cohen and Emily Kinney) on iTunes.

But enough talk - you want to hear the song in full, we're sure. Below is the full version of "Noisy Sunday" by Patrick Watson. Enjoy.

"Noisy Sunday" by Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley

"The Parting Glass" sung by Beth and Maggie in 'The Walking Dead' season 3 premiere

Official "The Parting Glass" recording 

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