I get the feeling this kind of post — What Horrific Thing Did a Person In Our Government Do In the Presence of Sacha Baron Cohen? — is going to be a weekly thing for the entirety of Who Is America?’s run on Showtime. (Wikipedia, which is never wrong, lists the show as having a seven-episode first season.) Last week, Cohen got numerous Republican lawmakers and pundits to argue in favor of a “Kinderguardians” program, which would supposedly arm toddlers in order to protect schools from active shooters. This time, he got George State Representative Jason Spencer to do... uh... how much time do you have?

As was already clearly from the debut episode, the standout among Cohen’s new characters is Erran Morad, an Israeli gun activist and self-defense “expert.” For whatever reason (I’ll let you formulate your own theories), Morad is very good at getting these men to let their guards down and unleash all manner of deranged behavior. He got Spencer, who once said Democratic colleagues might “go missing” if Confederate statues were removed, to repeatedly scream the n-word, and to take upskirt photographs of a woman in a burka while talking in the most stereotypically racist Chinese accent imaginable. For the capper, he got Spencer to drop his pants, and run butt-first (and I mean cheeks flapping in the breeze) at Morad screaming “America!” (Eff yeah!)

What unspeakable act will a lawmaker commit next week? We’ll find out on Sunday night, when the next Who Is America? airs on Showtime.

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