Will Arnett’s gravelly voice has defined some of his most beloved roles: it made his bombastic doofus G.O.B. into Arrested Development’s MVP, it turned him into a worthy rival for Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, and it perfectly suited him for the role of the LEGO universe’s Caped Crusader. As the star of The LEGO Batman Movie, he brings a certain actorly gravitas to every punchline, and the best part is that he can take that skill with him anywhere. Trying to quell a dispute between his kids? Batman lays down the law. And in a new segment from the BBC Radio 1 station, he puts his voice to good use once more, as a prank on an unsuspecting toy store.

Arnett was on the program hyping his super-powered latest release when the host had a fun idea for a goof with a twist — Arnett would call up a local toy store in character as the blockheaded Bruce Wayne, but while goofing on them, he’d have to begin each new sentence with the next letter of the alphabet. A comedy veteran, Arnett was surely familiar with the old improv game, and he handled it like a pro. He keeps perfect composure while ragging on a pair of employees, making his way through all 26 letters before letting them off the hook. He even fits in a diss on Superman, reminding us all that he’s “not even from here.” That’s just the off-the-cuff wit that’s made The LEGO Batman Movie into an early favorite among critics and kids alike. That, and the sultry tones of Will Arnett.

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