“Be careful what you wish for.” While some viewers believe that the principle was fully and adequately explored by the Brendan Fraser-starring remake of Bedazzled in 2000, the new film Wish Upon suggests otherwise. On June 30 the upcoming horror film will hit theaters with a reminder that wish-granting entities are by and large not to be trusted and prone to twisting words or misconstruing intentions all to teach the user a valuable lesson about... phrasing? Or not being malevolent? The real underlying moral of the “be careful what you wish for” movies is probably something closer to “use specific and unambiguous language when forging a binding contract,” but the youth of America could probably use a lesson on legal entrapment too, so it’s really all good.

Starlet Joey King portrays Claire, your average high schooler — she bikes around her suburban hometown, thirsts after a crush who barely acknowledges her existence, and puts up with the bullying from area mean-girl tyrant Darcy Chapman. When Claire gets her mitts on some enchanted artifact with the power to grant seven wishes, it looks like she’s got it made, instantly attaining wealth and her chosen boytoy. But when she uses her newfound skills to finally take revenge on the nefarious Darcy, things get out of hand quickly. Creepy, horror-movie bruises appear out of nowhere, and things only get grimmer from there.

The trailer‘s not all that impressive, trotting out a seemingly predictable plotline. What may draw crowds is the pedigree – the film’s directed by John Leonetti, cinematographer of the Insidious films, as well as The Conjuring, before directing 2014’s Conjuring spinoff Annabelle. That alone could be enough to get cheeks in seats, but hopefully the audience won’t get suckered into a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

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