Two seasons in, The Flash very quickly burned through introductions of the character’s major comic “Rogues Gallery,” albeit with one notable exception. New reports suggest Season 3 will finally cast the infamous Mirror Master, among other Flash villains the likes of The Top, and others.

Take this with a moderate grain of salt for the moment, but That Hashtag Show (who initially broke word of Finn Jones as Iron Fist) now reports that The Flash Season 3 has begun casting a trio of villainous roles, the foremost of which sees classic Flash villain Mirror Master, aka Sam Scudder, finally making his debut:

Male, 30s, open ethnicity. A master thief with supermodel looks and an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. Scudder is one of the most charming criminals you’ll ever meet. The only thing he loves more than money is himself. After his sudden, mysterious disappearance three years ago, Scudder has returned to Central City seeking fortune and revenge. Open to offer only / cameo ideas as well. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

One of the Flash's most infamous Rogues, Sam Scudder -- aka Mirror Master -- is a smooth criminal with a huge ego. Upon discovering he now has the power to travel through any reflective surface, Scudder embarks on a massive crime spree to prove himself the greatest thief that Central City has ever seen.

It’s difficult to say whether said role has anything to do with the “Flashpoint” paradox established for Season 3, one said not to last the duration of the season. Additional casting claims from the video point toward a gender-bent version of DC villain “The Top” (from the comics’ Roscoe Dillon to Rosalind “Rosa” Tannhauser), along with “Francis,” suggested to be either Teen Titans character Magenta or Flash villain Thorn.

For what it’s worth, and depending on the casting reports’ timestamp, young actress Joey King has been observed on The Flash Season 3 set as of late, sporting some notably magenta hair.

So far of The Flash Season 3, we know Harry Potter star Tom Felton has signed on as a series regular, while Tom Cavanagh has confirmed his return as a Season 3 regular (as what character remains to be seen), along with Violett Beane as his daughter Jesse. John Wesley Shipp will also return as the Earth-3 Jay Garrick, joining new additions Todd Lasance as a mystery speedster, and Saw big bad Tobin Bell voicing Dr. Alchemy. Keiynan Lonsdale also has his own Kid Flash costume in the new timeline, while Kevin Smith has been confirmed to direct the seventh hour.

We’ll have more on Season 3 of The Flash soon, but take a look at the footage below, and stay tuned for the October 4 premiere!

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