Even though The Witcher 2 was an Xbox 360 game, CD Projekt Red is working to see if its possible to transfer those saves to Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt when it arrives on the Xbox One.

"We need to talk to Microsoft to see if we can make it work between 360 and the Xbox One, but it could work," said executive producer John Mamais in an interview with GodisaGeek. "We're talking to our tech contact and it's kind of an open question right now."

Elsewhere in the interview, Mamais indicated there would indeed be various collector's editions of the game to purchase. CDPR believes giving people a reason to buy the game will help curb some piracy. Mamais also talked about the difficulty curve of The Witcher 2, and explained this third title would increase in difficulty more naturally. "The Witcher 2 was sometimes a result of a sort of experimental thinking and, honestly, it didn’t always work," Mamais added. "So this time, it’s going to be a normal difficulty curve, which is what people need. And that will change from mode to mode."

There's still no release date in sight for Witcher 3, but whenever CD Projekt Red is ready, we'll be waiting to jump back into Geralt's adventures.

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