Consummate work horse Woody Allen only recently completed 'To Rome With Love' - his latest film starring Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page - but he's already eying stars for his next ensemble piece. And shockingly neither of these names are Penelope Cruz.

Deadline reports that Allen is considering the blue-eyed duo of Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper for parts in his next film, which he's looking to shoot in Copenhagen, the land of milk and honey. Oh wait, we mean models and beer.

Munich has also been rumored as a locale for the self-deprecating writer/director, but his inherent neuroses guarantee he'll consider at least four other locations before settling on his original pick. Or, you know, maybe not.

The film has no title as of yet and won't shoot until next year, giving Allen plenty of time to stack up on other projects and find his next muse. We hear Lindsay Lohan is getting released from probation, so if self-immolation is something he's into, he could do much worse.