The 21st century is now almost a quarter over. And in that time, according to Letterboxd, there have been more than 450,000 motion pictures released in theaters and on various home video platforms.

Now I am not going to sit here and pretend I have seen all of those movies. I would guess and say I’ve only seen about 445,000 of them. Those films run the gamut from the instant masterpieces that stand comparison to the greatest movies ever made to disasters that will be remembered forever among the dreggiest cinematic dregs in history. The latter is the subject of the following list of 50 truly awful 21st century titles. (I was tempted to rank all 445,000 films but I eventually realized that would take a little too long.)


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If you’re curious about the methodology behind the list, here it is: Was a movie released since the year 2000? Was it incredibly horrible? If the answer to both questions is “YES” then it made the list. That was pretty much it. If one of your “favorites” didn’t make the cut, just remember: There were 451,000 films to choose from and only 50 final selections. Sadly, some very deserving bad movies were going to get left out.

Maybe we can make a follow-up list some day soon with readers’ picks that just didn’t make the cut. Or better yet, because the 21st century still has quite a few decades left, maybe we will occasionally update this list in the future, terrible movies permitting.

The Worst Movies of the 21st Century

Almost 25 years, 25 really terrible movies.
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