The X-Files’ inevitable FOX return has understandably raised more questions than answers at this point, but certainly it seems the dead may have their day when Mulder and Scully don badges again. A new interview with creator Chris Carter reveals that several X-Files staples could return for the revival series, including deceased fan-favorites the “Lone Gunmen.”

Speaking to the Vancouver Sun, Carter answered a few questions about returning to the X-Files’ native production country, albeit in summer rather than the usual colder shoots. In addition to teasing a bit of Mulder and Scully’s current relationship, and the return of pre-credit teasers, Carter cryptically offered that deceased characters might well return for the six-episode revival, including the infamous “Smoking Man” and the once-spun-off Lone Gunmen:

‘As we say in The X-Files, even though you’re dead you’re never really dead,’ says Carter, adding there’s “’a big chance’ the Lone Gunmen will also return.

For those unaware, The X-Files occasionally featured the trio of conspiracy theorist hackers Richard “Ringo” Langly (Dean Haglund), Melvin Frohike (Tom Braidwood) and John Fitzgerald Byers (Bruce Harwood), before FOX briefly attempted to spin the characters off into their own series. The group returned to The X-Files, only to be killed off, though the questionably-canonical X-Files Season 10 comic revealed they’d faked their demise.

Thus far, FOX’s X-Files return has only confirmed Mitch Pileggi to reprise his role beside David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Pileggi’s name was also included on a shortlist that named Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish as candidates to return, along with “Smoking Man” William B. Davis. On the creative side, writers and producers Glen Morgan and Jim Wong will return to write and direct an episode apiece, with Frank Spotnitz also eyed to pitch in, and composer Mark Snow also coming aboard.

The X-Files has been eyed to shoot sometime this summer, but who else from the original series should make a return from the cast? Will the Lone Gunmen ride again, alongside any other characters from the grave?

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