Though we already knew the four games making up the 2013 Summer of Arcade on Xbox Live, we didn't know when they'd arrive or how much they would cost. On Monday, Microsoft's Major Nelson announced the full details on all the upcoming XBLA games.

This year's Summer of Arcade isn't quite as enthralling as they have been in the past, and there are markedly less indie titles, too. However, there are still some promising offerings coming, starting with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, coming on Aug. 7 for $15 (1200MSP). Charlie Murder is next to arrive, and drops on Aug. 14 for $10 (800MSP). The high-def remake of Flashback brings its unique brand of sci-fi on Aug. 21 for $10 (800MSP). Closing things out on Aug. 28 will be TMNT: Out of the Shadows, which will cost $15 (1200MSP).

Like we said, there's definitely some promise in those games, even if they aren't as bold as some of the selections in years past. We've got our eye on Flashback for sure, but Charlie Murder looks like it could definitely be a nice addition to our collection, too.

Which games do you plan on picking up?