Microsoft has put a lot of research and development into its new Xbox One controller. In addition to being completely redesigned, and featuring new rumble support and revamped buttons, analog sticks, and a d-pad, the company has also built its new controller to last.

Durability hasn't necessarily been an issue for the Xbox 360 controller, save for the occasional worn pad or non-responsive trigger, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from making the Xbox One controller better and stronger. Speaking with Pocket Lint, Bob Brown, the accessories and hardware manager for Microsoft, talked a bit about the manufacturing of the new peripheral.

In his testing facility, each button on the controller is pushed 4-5 times a second. Each controller in his station typically are tested through 2 million presses. Current projections based on Brown's testing indicate the Xbox One controller can sustain well over 3 million individual presses on each button, which puts it well beyond a 10-year lifespan.

Buttons aren't the only concern though. Brown is also checking shock points in a series of dropping tests. This ensures that no matter if the controller is dropped, the insides of the hardware are still safe and secure. The thumbsticks are given a work over as well to make sure they'll remain durable during sustained use.

It's interesting to see just how much time and effort is put into the controller, but the Xbox One has plenty of other problems we're more concerned with at the moment. Still, knowing that we shouldn't have to buy new controllers for a long time is a good thing. We just hope the Call of Duty frustration test hasn't led to too many smashed controllers in the labs.