Microsoft previously announced you'd be able to share your digital Xbox One game library with up to ten family members, regardless of whether or not they purchased the game. Phil Spencer, general manger at Microsoft Studios, further clarified, adding some new details to the policy.

“I think the policy makes sense,” Spencer told Penny Arcade Report in an interview. “It’s not ten different people all playing the game concurrently, but when you think about a real usage scenario, and we thought about it around a family, and I know certain people will create a family group of people that aren’t all part of the same family, and I do think that’s an advantage, and people will use that."

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like more than one person can be playing at a given time, so don't get your hopes up about playing multiplayer with friends without buying two copies of a game. That said, the idea is a sound one that could help Microsoft overcome some of the negativity surrounding its DRM plans already in place.

What do you think about the sharing plan?