You've seen the games in action, now see how the Xbox One's user interface has been refined and upgraded for the next generation.

Microsoft's Marc Whitten and Yusef Mehdi host this video, which showcases the Xbox One user experience. The first thing you'll notice is how quickly the Kinect notices a player in the room, and how the dashboard instantly transforms to that player's preferred layout once signed in. The Xbox One can detect multiple users, too, but like the Xbox 360, the dash conforms to the first person who logged on. Of course, if you want to swap, a simple voice command flips the dash over to the other player's version.

Whitten and Mehdi also walk you through some other features, such as instantly switching in and out from playing a game to using the internet to watching TV. For apps like Skype, the Kinect won't be locked in one position, and can actually track the user as they roam a given room, keeping them in camera the whole time. We also get a better look at Xbox One's Upload Studio, where you can edit you DVR'd game clips for posting online. Glimpses at other features like the Friend List activity feed and TV browsing are also show during the 12-minute video, but the Kinect functions are the real stars of the show.