The Xbox One has been revealed and its features look mighty tasty, letting you control all of your entertainment through the console itself.

The new Xbox One's features give us a new experience that includes a Trending area, an area reserved for what you've recently played, the requisite Games, Movies, and Music spaces, while also adding in Internet and live TV.

You'll be able to switch instantly from one medium to the other by giving simple voice commands like, "Xbox, game. Go to TV. Go to Music. Watch TV." The transition was virtually seamless in the demo run during the event, though we're curious to see how the Xbox One holds up under the pressure of a real living room with multiple users.

Motion controls also help you control the action. For example, you can spread your hands, "grab" the screen, and bring your hands together to go to the Home area. You can also run multiple apps by using the Snap Mode, letting you snap them to the side of the screen with voice commands such as "Snap Internet Explorer."

Looks like centralized entertainment is the new Xbox's aim. What do you think of the new features?

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