The comic book property 'Y: The Last Man' has been in development for nearly a decade, but it looks like New Line Cinema is ready to turn this whole thing around and really give it the ol' college try. They mean it this time, guys -- we have it on good authority that someone even gave a pinky swear.

Vulture reports that inside sources at New Line Cinema is saying they've made 'Y: The Last Man' a top priority, and it's about time, since a film adaptation of the comic book series has been in development for almost 10 years. The studio says they are "pleased" with a script from 'Jericho' scribes Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia and they're currently meeting with possible directors -- which means it's totally happening! For real! (Please note intended skepticism.)

Director DJ Caruso was most recently attached to the project with talk of Shia LaBeouf playing the lead character, Yorrick. But Caruso left the project two years ago and it seems to have languished in limbo since then.

'Y: The Last Man' is a familiar tale about a man and his monkey. Created by Brian K. Vaughn, who also worked on 'Lost,' the story follows Yorrick and his pet monkey -- also a dude -- who both wake up one day to discover a mysterious plague has wiped out every male mammal on Earth and they are the only survivors.