Deadpool 2 is officially starting production this year, and after a rocky start that involved a director’s exit and some script finagling, finally the movie seems to be back on track. We know that Cable will be in this one (though we still don’t know for sure who’s playing him), and rumors abounded earlier this year that Fox was casting around for an actress to play Domino. Today, we finally know that, yes, Domino will be in the movie, and Atlanta star Zazie Beetz will play her.

Ryan Reynolds announced the good news on his Twitter today by practically creating one of those Magic Eye illusions that you have to unfocus your eyes to see and even then it only appears like half the time and the other half you’re left wondering what it is you’re doing wrong. Where was I again? Oh yeah.

Domino is known primarily as a member of the X-Force, an X-Men offshoot that’s more like a team of mercenaries who fight crime. Which, given the fact that Fox is also planning an X-Force movie, makes a lot of sense. Domino is an expert marksman who possesses the mutant capability of altering probability, and she also has a sometimes-romantic, sometimes-antagonistic, sometimes-just-friendly relationship with Cable.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters March 2 2018.

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