That Kristen Wiig is just full of surprises. Last night, we learned that Wiig and fellow hilarious human Will Ferrell filmed a secret movie for Lifetime (yes, really). Today, Wiig has another surprise for us: She’s joined the cast of Zoolander 2 (also featuring Ferrell), and you’re not going to believe what she looks like in this movie. It’s 100 percent outstanding.

Elle posted a photo taken on the set of
Zoolander 2, which is currently shooting in Rome. In the below photo, you can see just how zany Wiig looks, with insanely constructed hair, overly-plumped lips and a fabulous outfit. It’s all very Donatella Versace:

We haven’t learned very much about the film or its cast — so far, we know Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are reprising their roles as Derek and Hansel, respectively, while Ferrell will also return as powerhouse designer Mugatu, and Christine Taylor has also been confirmed to return. Penelope Cruz was the first major casting addition, while model Karlie Kloss and model/actress Cara Delevingne are also rumored to be involved.

Zoolander 2 is directed by Ben Stiller from a script by Justin Theroux. The film takes place in Europe, as Derek and Hansel find themselves no longer relevant.