Yesterday we caught one of our first looks at tonight's penultimate 'Arrow' installment "Darkness On the Edge of Town," which featured the mysterious "Dark Archer" getting all manner of violent in pursuit of his goals. Now, the latest preview offers up fan service of a different kind putting Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) awfully close, but who will win the day? And what's this we've heard about a potential Green Lantern appearance, hmm?

'Arrow's' first season will begin the endgame with tonight's all-new episode "Darkness On the Edge of Town," the latest preview of which (via Entertainment Tonight) should make Oliver and Felicity shippers squeal with delight. The episode will mark a major turning point in Oliver's conflict with the Dark Archer, as well as "The Undertaking," though the clip below highlights a few smaller gaps to clear before season's end.

And while 'Arrow's' first season will come to a climactic end, already groundwork has been laid for the inevitable second season, with future DC references and characters to come. Acknowledging the "Ferris Air" namedrops in the final two episodes of the season, 'Arrow' executive producers and 'Green Lantern' screenplay writers Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti told TVGuide an appearance might not prove as far-fetched as we thing:

As with all DC characters, we have to figure out a way for those characters to fit within our 'Arrow' universe. But when you consider the importance that Hal Jordan plays in the Green Arrow comics, it's certainly one of those names that we've discussed a great deal. I have Ryan Reynolds' phone number around here somewhere.

Of course, anyone donning a green ring and flying off into the night seems too out-there a prospect for 'Arrow,' but whose to say a human Hal Jordan couldn't pop up in a cameo? One of DC's out there hero will already make a subtle appearance in tonight's episode.

Check out the latest preview for 'Arrow's "Darkness On the Edge of Town" below, and give us your predictions for the CW drama's first finale in the comments!