Here we are, the last month of the summer movie season. While most of the major releases are behind us, there are still plenty of films to look forward to. So which August flick do you want to see the most?

Here's what this month has in store for us: a new Denzel Washington movie that contains Mark Wahlberg into the bargain ('2 Guns'), an ass-kicking sequel ('Kick-Ass 2'), a thought-provoking sci-fi adventure ('Elysium'), a lovable Disney flick ('Planes') and the finale to a beloved comedy "trilogy" ('The World's End').

There are also some sleeper picks, like the buzzed-about thriller 'You're Next' and the Jennifer Aniston comedy 'We're the Millers.' And let's not forget 'The Smurfs 2' (don't act like you're not going to see it eventually).