These days, we're still living in a 'Community'-less pit of despair, as just when we thought a new season was about to begin, NBC pulled the rug out from underneath us.  The underrated critical darling's fourth eason may not be debuting this Friday, October 19 anymore, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until NBC decides the ultimate fate of the series!  How would you like a Dean-alicious look at a new scene from 'Community' season 4 right now?

'Community' fans, the big day has arrived!  Well, sort of.  Ever since NBC pulled the plug on the October 19 season 4 premiere, we've been despondent waiting for news of when the long-awaited, and sadly first Dan Harmon-free season would finally air.  Thankfully, our depression has briefly lifted, now that Joel McHale dropped by 'Ellen' to preview the first clip from season 4!

In it, we see Jeff (McHale) and Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) engaged in a seductive tango, as the soon-to-graduate protagonist presses his Dean for information on a mysterious history course that stands in the way of his degree.  But the best part of all?  Dan Harmon may be gone, but the writing doesn't seem to have missed a step.

Whenever it airs, the upcoming season of 'Community includes guest-appearances from Brie Larson, ‘Battlestar Galactica’ vet Tricia Helfer, ‘Bridesmaids’ star Matt Lucas, UK thespian Malcolm McDowell as the gang’s new history professor, and Hollywood icon James Brolin as Jeff (Joel McHale)’s father.

Check out the new clip below, and tell us your thoughts on 'Community' season 4 in the comments!