Understandably, the buzz behind 'Star Wars' exploded through culture this week with news of Disney's mammoth purchase of the franchise, and eventual continuation of the movie saga that began the legendary series.  Yet, through all that movie news and speculation, relatively little attention has fallen to TV, wherein 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' has been making waves for the last four years.  Now that Disney owns the rights to the franchise, will they opt to continue with the long-running Cartoon Network series?  Could Disney simply put the program on one of its networks, or scrap it entirely?

Fear not, fans of Cartoon Network's breakout series 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars.'  Disney's massive $4.05 billion purchase of the franchise needn't necessarily kill the long-running animated series, which in recent years has certainly brought a great deal of positive attention back to the brand.  Instead, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is likely to pluck the series from Cartoon Network at the end of its 2013 run, and air future seasons on its own Disney XD.

In particular, Disney CEO Robert Iger expressed great confidence that Disney XD could provide a home for 'Star Wars'-related content on his Wednesday conference call, though he didn't specifically reference 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars.'  After a somewhat rocky start in 2008, 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' has gone on to become one Cartoon Network's highest-rated series, even after the recent switch from Friday nights to Saturday mornings.  Set between 2002's 'Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Clones' and 'Star Wars - Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith,' it's considered likely that the animated series could see a sixth season before the end.

What say you?  Do you hope 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' continues on Disney XD, or would you rather Disney take a new approach to 'Star Wars' on TV?  Give us your take in the comments below!