Modern Family

‘Modern Family’ Season 4: Elizabeth Banks to Return
We don't yet know if NBC's '30 Rock' will find a place to return Elizabeth Banks as Jack Donaghy's now-ex-wife Avery Jessup, but ABC's 'Modern Family' isn't about to leave the 'Hunger Games' star in need of work. We've just learned that Banks will reprise her 'Modern Family' character from way back …
‘Modern Family’ Review: “Yard Sale”
All three divisions of the family are brought together this week on 'Modern Family' to throw a yard sale for charity at Luke and Manny's school, but as these things go, you just can't get everyone together without a little conflict.
‘Modern Family’ Review: “Snip”
There's a bonus episode of 'Modern Family' tonight and it's definitely a step up from the last. "Snip" explores what happens while Lilly is away at school, Phil tries to get a vasectomy, and the delicate task of trying to tell Gloria her clothes are too tight --…

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