Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 pits genius billionaire Tony Stark (Iron Man) against the Mandarin, an enemy whose reach has no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed by his mysterious nemesis, he embarks on a dangerous quest to find who is responsible. His journey will test his character at every turn. With Stark's back against the wall, he's left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

  • Release Date: May 3, 2013
  • Director: Shane Black
  • Written By: Drew Pearce & Shane Black


New ‘Iron Man 3′ Spot: Prepare For Heavy Metal
After the seriousness of the last trailer, the latest 'Iron Man 3' spot does a 180 and showcases a more playful and goofy tone. That's appropriate since it premiered at the Kid's Choice Awards last night and if there's one thing kids tend to appreciate more than grim, dramat…
‘Iron Man 3′ TV Spot: Tony Stark Suits Up
'Iron Man 3' is bringing back the new tradition of teasers for teasers, as the film will have a commercial during the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice awards in a couple of days. But until then, here's a taste of the new footage, and it's pretty cool.
First ‘Iron Man 3′ TV Spot Shows Off New Footage
'Iron Man 3' is less than two months away, which is amazing to think about (wasn't it just yesterday we were lining up to see 'The Avengers' in theaters?). And with the film so close, you can expect to start seeing the marketing campaign heat up. As part of that, today we ha…
When Will the ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Trailer Premiere?
'Thor: The Dark World' doesn't open until later this year, but fans have been wondering when we'll get our first chance to see a trailer for the second adventure of Marvel's Mighty Avenger. The new buzz (and it makes too much sense to not be true) is that we'll see it a…

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