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‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Trailer Is Here, and We Hope Optimus Is Okay

by Emma Stefansky December 5, 2016 @ 9:18 PM
Paramount Pictures
It’s big, it’s loud, it’s here: feast your eyes on the first trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight! After a truly weird production period that involved dragons, King Arthur, igniting the ire of British vets by dressing up Winston Churchill’s childhood home as a Nazi headquarters, and the usual level of Bayhem, we finally have our very first glimpse of the fifth installment in the inexplicably popular franchise.

James Franco Time-Travels in a Closet For Hulu’s Full ‘11.22.63’ Trailer

by Kevin Fitzpatrick January 9, 2016 @ 10:42 PM
There is no combination of the phrases “James Franco,” “time travel,” “save JFK,” or “Hulu” that fails to amuse, and yet, J.J. Abrams and Stephen King have gone ahead and given it their darnest. Anyway, watch James Franco go back in the closet to 1963 for the first full trailer of Hulu’s time-travelin’, JFK-savin’, Franco-fronted 11.22.63! Some Chris Cooper required.

James Franco Time-Travel Drama ‘11.22.63’ Gets 2016 Hulu Premiere

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 30, 2015 @ 4:59 PM
It’s been some time since we last checked in on Hulu’s James Franco-starring adaptation of Stephen King time-travel drama 11.22.63, but time is of the essence in its official premiere. The J.J. Abrams-produced series has a Presidents Day 2016 appointment to stop the assassination of JFK, and we have the first photos.

'Transformers 4' -- Who Might Return From the Original Trilogy?

by Eric Walkuski March 11, 2013 @ 9:57 AM
Michael Bay is currently hard at work on 'Transformers 4' that will effectively reboot the franchise while remaining true to the three films that came before it. In order to forge a connection between the original and new trilogy, it looks like Bay will bring back at least one castmember from the first movies. And it sure isn't Shia!

'Safe Haven' Review

by Jordan Hoffman February 13, 2013 @ 7:00 PM
Relativity Media
As a longtime science fiction fan, there was a part of me enthralled by 'Safe Haven.' This newest adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel may as well be set on another planet – a world where everyone is perfect, (except the one guy who is bad), the weather is wonderful (even when it rains) and you can support yourself off of tips from the lunch shift.
Shot in a postcard-ready coastal town, but in the blandest possible way, this overwrought weepie about finding your "true home" is far too silly to get worked up about, and has all the daffy joy of mass dosing on multiple episodes of 'All My Children.' While too much exposure to this material could cause developmental damage to young girls (much as violent video games to young boys) biting the bullet and taking a date to such a film once in a while is, I suppose, the price of being in a relationship these days. 'Safe Haven' won't hurt too much if you keep your wits about you.

'Safe Haven' Trailer: Yup, It's a Nicholas Sparks Movie

by Damon Houx October 23, 2012 @ 7:15 PM
Though he doesn't have the drawing power of the 'Twilight' franchise, Nicholas Sparks and films based on his work have become a cinematic sub-genre of modest success. Films like 'The Notebook,' 'Dear John' and 'The Lucky One' have been box office hits on a small scale. The latest Sparks film adaptation is 'Safe Haven.' And now it has a trailer.

Josh Duhamel To Star in Latest Nicholas Sparks Adaptation 'Safe Haven'

by Damon Houx April 25, 2012 @ 5:25 PM
Warner Brothers
The success of 'The Lucky One' has led to another Nicholas Sparks adaptation. Thanks, America. This one is called 'Safe Haven' (which would be based on the 2010 novel), and it currently has Lasse Hallstrom as its director. Josh Duhamel, best known cinematically for fighting robots in Michael Bay's 'Transformers' movies is in talks to star.