'The Walking Dead' "Hounded" Pics: Is A Certain Someone Still Alive?


While AMC's 'The Walking Dead' has certainly never been light on casualties, recent episode "Killer Within" took quite a toll on Rick Grimes' group of survivors, seemingly shuffling off the mortal coils of Rick's wife Lori, fan-favorite T-Dog, and the scrappy Carol.  However, might there be a bit of hope on the horizon?  Of the three survivors believed to been killed in the episode, only one's body was ever fully recovered!  The latest photos from this Sunday's "Hounded" might just crack the case!

It was bad enough that we lost Lori and T-Dog, but did we really have to lose Carol (Melissa McBride) too?  Right when things were going so well for her and Daryl, too?  Gasp, spoiler alert!  Viewers of the series well know that the only thing recovered of Carol was that of her scarf next to T-Dog's body, leading all to believe she'd been killed as well.

But as TVGuide's latest batch of photos from Sunday's "Hounded" reveal, that may not necessarily be the case!  The latest looks at next week's episode show Daryl (Norman Reedus) hot on the trail within the prison walls, accompanied by young Carl (Chandler Riggs) and newly-trusted prison recruit Oscar (Vincent Ward).  Could he be looking for Carol, or perhaps her body?  What will the distraught hunter find within the halls?

Not to mention, we'd hope Carol were still alive to meet a certain someone from the comics rumored to be making his first appearance in the December 2 mid-season finale episode, "Made to Suffer!'

Check out the below photos from Sunday's all new 'The Walking Dead' episode "Hounded," and give us your predictions in the comments!

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