New 'The Walking Dead' Premiere Photos: Where Are Daryl and Merle?


We're just two days away from the long-awaited premiere of 'The Walking Dead,' and even though we thought we knew which characters were safe after the tense cliffhanger of mid-season finale "Made to Suffer," new photos from Sunday's premiere "The Suicide King" have a different story to tell. Could Rick's group lose a major member to the walkers before making it home from Woodbury? Get the latest 'Walking Dead' spoilers before Sundays' premiere inside!

Every 'Walking Dead' fan knows that if Daryl dies, we riot, but new photos of Sunday's premiere episode "The Suicide King" (courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter) have us feeling a bit nervous. We've seen from earlier photos that - SPOILER ALERT - Daryl and Merle Dixon at least seem to make it outside the Woodbury gates with Rick, but in the latest photos of the group returning to the prison, neither Dixon is to be found.

Clearly Glenn and Michonne wouldn't be too happy to see Merle join their group, but Daryl might not be so keen to leave his brother's side, having only just reunited after the better part of a year. Or perhaps the worst happens en route to the prison, and Rick is charged with the grim task of informing both Carol and Carl? And what fresh hell has Andrea found within Woodbury walls?

Stay tuned for our coverage of 'The Walking Dead's 2013 premiere "The Suicide King" this Sunday night, and check out the new pictures below! Give us your predictions for the second half of the season in the comments!

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