'Thor 2' Posters: Heimdall Defends Asgard Against Malekith's Army

Marvel Studios

Apparently the best things come in pairs. The 'Thor 2' posters have been releasing in sets of two -- Loki and Odin, Jane and Sif, and now the Asgardian protector Heimdall and the Malekith-led army of Dark Elves get their share of the action.

It's funny to thing back on how great an uproar was had when Marvel first cast Idris Elba as the originally white character from the comics, and now it seems like 'Thor' wouldn't be the same without him. Marvel has even immortalized the character further by awarding him his own 'Thor 2' poster, displaying his towering stance as the guardian of the Bifrost. Simultaneously, EW debuted Malekith's (Christopher Eccleston) new sheet as he marches on his enemies with an army of Dark Elves backing him.

In 'Thor 2,' titled 'The Dark World,' Chris Hemsworth's Thor returns to the realm of Asgard to battle an ancient threat -- Malekith the Accursed and his army have returned to plunge the universe into darkness. The god of thunder and future king of Asgard must team up with the only person who can help defeat this villain, Tom Hiddleston's Loki, the bane of the Avengers' existence. Also starring are the returning Natalie Portman, Jaimie Alexander, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgård and Kat Dennings, and newcomers like Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

'Thor 2' hits theaters November 8.

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios
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