In all the waiting its taken us to get to 'The Walking Dead' season 3, some of us would be content with a real zombie apocalypse to at least get a bloody fix.  Well, put down your cricket bats and revolvers for now, there's fresh 'Walking Dead' goodness!  Straight out of Comic-Con 2012, we've got a look at a new poster for the third year of our favorite zombie survivors, but is it as revealing as the last one? 

Thanks to Walking Dead Brazil, we've obtained images from one of 'The Walking Dead' season 3's Comic-Con 2012 posters, likely to be utilized in the key art once the press campaign switches into high gear.  This poster features all of season 3's regulars arranged out on the road, but isn't quite as spoilery as its predecessor.

At the very least, the first poster featured that ominous helicopter looming over the background of the Governor (David Morrissey), which we expanded on a little bit in our breakdown on 'The Walking Dead' season 3 trailer.  This poster however features a closer look at Michonne's pets, which those of you at Comic-Con 2012 might just have been lucky enough to take a picture with!

So take a look at the poster below, and tell us what you're most excited to see from 'The Walking Dead' season 3 in the comments below!

UPDATE: Click below for a better view of the season 3 poster.