HBO's 'The Newsroom' has never quite earned creator Aaron Sorkin the acclaim of its TV predecessors, but we'll be sad to see it go all the same when the first of the final 6 episodes premiere on November 9. Our latest behind-the-scenes look at season 3 confirms that the topical drama will tackle government whistle-blowers, while also revealing that 'The Office' star B.J. Novak will join Kat Dennings among the major guest stars for the season.

As the initial copy machine teaser suggested, 'The Newsroom' season 3 will heavily involve ACN's protection of a whistle-blowing source, which brings all manor of intrigue and attention from the government to the proceedings. And where the video shows 'Office' and 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' star Novak in a tense conversation with Charlie (Sam Waterston), we've also learned that Dennings will guest star as Reese Lansing (Chris Messina)'s half-sister, and threat to controlling interest in ACN.

Here's how series creator Aaron Sorkin described the final season to Entertainment Weekly:

It’s something that we’ve been talking about for the last 2 years: government and journalism. A lot of people feel like the current administration has been really tough on reporters and whistleblowers. I realize I’m not making it sound exciting but it involves one of our characters in a lot of jeopardy. Our people have a story that was given to them by a government whistleblower and the Justice Department wants the name of their source and they won’t give it up. So we see how far they’re willing to go for that.

Details have slowly been emerging of 'The Newsroom''s final six episodes, though we know at least the November run will see '30 Rock' star Keith Powell given a recurring role, while the show's floating timeline has been said to cover the Boston Marathon Bombings, among other topical events. Series creator Aaron Sorkin will once again return to write each episode, in spite of production difficulties in season 2 that saw the overall episode order reduced by three hours.

While we wait for a full trailer toward the November premiere, take a new look at 'The Newsroom' season 3 in the preview above, and tell us in the comments what you want to see from the final six episodes!

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