For many people, the short film categories at the Oscars serve as an opportunity to run to the bathroom or to grab a beer from the kitchen. After all, what kind of investment can you have in a category where you know nothing about any of the nominees? Well, let's rectify that! All five of the nominees in the Best Animated Short category have popped up online and you can watch them below!

Some of the shorts are narratives and others are abstract. Some are glossy, big budget productions and others look rough-around-the-edges independent works. Some use cutting edge tech and others are as old fashioned as you can get. Some are less than two minutes and some are as long as fifteen minutes. No two are alike. Compared to the major categories, there is a shocking amount to love, cherish and explore here.

A tip of the hat to The Film Stage, where we first saw these compiled.

'Adam and Dog'

'Head Over Heels'

'Fresh Guacamole'


'The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare'